About Dayna

bio3This is my story.

I am a loving mother of two beautiful little girls and married to a man who fills my life with love and support. For the past 12 years, I’ve set goals for myself no matter the risk involved. Some of my goals where accomplished quickly, while some took a  little trial and error before completion. I never gave up and stayed focused to accomplish my goals — no matter how long it took or the road blocks that got in my way. I wake up each morning with a positive attitude and a determination to conquer each day as it is a new journey in life. I enjoy motivating and educating people on how to live a healthier lifestyle and ensure they understand they can accomplish any goal they set.

I’m the proud owner of Dayna Deters Determined Fitness, L.L.C. Throughout my business history, I’ve helped men and women achieve their fitness goals. Below is my story of how I became the woman I am today. I had a wake-up call about 10 years ago, and with the support of others and a positive attitude, I was able to overcome that hurdle and use it to drive myself forward in my daily life, business and passion to help educate others.

15 Years Ago

As I sat at a stop sign near my parents’ house, a steady stream of thoughts ran in and out of my head. I remember saying out loud, “I completely tricked everyone.” I had just signed up for my third gym membership. I laughed at how clever I was. “No one can tell me what to do or who they think I am! They can’t stop me from working out.” I was upset about recently getting kicked out of my preferred gym because I was spending three to four hours each day doing cardio. “What was the big deal?” I thought. Obviously the gym manager and my parents thought differently. As this inner dialogue continued, and as I waited for the green light, my thoughts shifted to, “What am I saying? This isn’t me.” Part of me felt so guilty…

To others, joining a bunch of gyms isn’t always such a big deal. But to someone who has an eating disorder, it’s a death sentence.

At the time, I was dealing with anorexia and exercise-induced bulimia. I felt as though people were ganging up on me, and felt that no one understood me or my story. I felt fat every day; I hated to look at myself in the mirror. All I saw was excess fat around my mid-section, thighs and arms. I felt compelled to work out on a daily basis and if I didn’t, I would instantly see chubbiness on myself. These thoughts occurred every second, minute and hour of every day. I was haunted by the inner voice of an eating disorder — a voice not easily quieted.

The eating disorders began shortly after I received the awful news that my mom had been diagnosed with breast cancer (now a 12-year survivor). I decided, in that moment, to get healthier. I started eating better and slowly started to exercise. And since I couldn’t control the “big C,” both of these things satisfied my need to be in control…of something. As soon as I started dropping weight, I received a lot of compliments. I had went from 128 to 123. Encouraged, I figured if I lost another 5 pounds I’d look even better. People continued to compliment me as the pounds continued to drop off. These people didn’t realize they were just fueling the fire with their comments: “You look so skinny”; “You don’t need to work out, you look awesome; ” “Wow, you can work out of a long time.” And fuel the fire they did. Twenty-nine pounds later, I was at my lowest, 99 pounds, and out of control.

During this time, my family was also dealing with the death of a young cousin. While at the lunch following his burial, my cousin’s father came up to me and commented, “You need to get help. We don’t want to bury you next.”

That comment was my wake-up call. I realized I needed help — and I was exhausted. After three years of doctor appointments and two months of inpatient treatment, I finally felt I could do this. I admit, every so often that inner voice will creep back into my head ready to challenge, but now I have the power to change my mind and refuse to listen to it.

Presently, Dayna is a loving mother to a beautiful little girl and married to a man who fills her life with love and support. Her desire for her daughter to live in a positive world with an abundance of love and an appreciation for who she is, has given her a new sense of self and the desire to consistently live in the positive. Dayna’s determination drives her to live a better life, filled with strength, enthusiasm, confidence and new ambitions.


Dayna Deters is proud owner of Dayna Deters Determined Fitness, LLC, she has helped men and women achieve their fitness goals. A graduate of St. Cloud State University in St. Cloud, Minnesota with a Bachelors of Health Education, she studied everything from anatomy and nutrition to psychology and women’s health. Her goal after graduation was to help others in their day-to-day struggles and as she has done this, she found her purpose. This purpose became a passion, which soon developed into a profession. As a personal trainer, owner of her own fitness studio, online personal trainer, a blogger, a fitness model and a national-level fitness competitor, placing in the Top 10 in two Fitness America Pageants, MN Diet Free Life Representative, FitPro Milk MN Representative and creator of Determinite Express DVD Series #1 and #2, as well as the author of Gluten-Free Momma Fit Cookbook: Healthy Gluten-Free and Fit Living Recipes.

As an online personal trainer, Dayna will help you stay accountable to your individual goals with her wide range of offerings. Services/programs include life coaching, nutritional guidance, resistance training and cardio design, and online and one-on-one training._MG_7900web