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Momma Fit Podcast #24: The Non Scale Victories

Every week, I will bring you a new Momma Fit episode. It will cover fitness, #momlife, and/or running a successful business. It will be full of information or useless junk you may wish you never knew! Ha! Just kidding, you never know what you may discover. Happy Listening!  Today’s episode is on, the non-scale victories. … Read more »


The Summer Slim Down Challenge starts TODAY! Let me tell ya, the many years I have worked as a trainer the summers can really actually set you back from your goals. Mainly because of the many social gatherings, and all the fun in the sun. But excuses aside, the kids are going back to school… Read more »

Momma Fit Podcast #24: The Non Scale Victories

I’m all about the non-scale victories when it comes mind health and finding the true results from eating healthier–more balanced meals, and working out. While most are concerned with the scale and how many pounds have been lost, because let’s be honest, it is something we have always used to gauge our results while dieting… Read more »

Momma Fit Podcast #23: We All Have A Story

There is the need to find the real meaning of life for us all. This journey we call life, we are all it together, for sure, but we go through our own ordeals, happiness, and situations that make us who we are. The stories we have to tell uncovers our roots….who we are inside. Who… Read more »

Cucumber Tomato Salad

Today I’m sharing a super easy side dish that my family enjoys throughout spring and summer months: Cucumber Tomato Salad! This was a request for a client and so it made me finally share this fabulous dish! This recipes has 4 servings, enjoy!  Visit here to get the Cucumber and Tomato Salad recipe! 

Momma Fit Podcast Episode #19: Trust the Process

You all know the quote, “You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone,” right? You’ve heard the saying, or you have actually said it. It’s easy to take for granted things like the ability to walk, crawl, see, smell, and hear. My husband, Rusty Deters had joined me on this episode because it is… Read more »