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36 Weeks Pregnancy Journal

How far along: 36 Weeks 5 Days Symptoms: This week’s symptoms are basically the same with some new added. I’m still getting the lightning bolt pain in the groin/hip flexor area, and also many Braxton hicks that are lasting a little longer. The little Miss, was really quiet again till Wednesday this week, she was… Read more »

35 Weeks Pregnancy Journal

How far along: 35 Weeks 5 Days I love being pregnant, but some days are harder than others. And well, let’s be honest the later the pregnancy goes the harder EVERYDAY is. I have been really trying to cherish every moment because this is my last pregnancy. I love the kicks and movement, I love… Read more »

34 Week Pregnancy Journal

How far along: 34 Weeks 5 Days Symptoms: Feeling almost back to normal after the stomach flu two weeks ago, I can’t believe how much longer it takes to feel better when you are pregnant. I really praying I stay healthy for the rest of this pregnancy. My lightning bolt pain that is coming from… Read more »

Thanksgiving Fit Tips

Just because this is a fitness and health blog, it doesn’t mean that I still don’t enjoy Thanksgiving dinner any less than the average eater. It’s almost impossible to resist a warm slice of apple pie or pumpkin pir to go along with that gravy-topped turkey. But I think we can all agree that post-meal,… Read more »

33 Weeks Pregnancy Journal

How far along: 33 Weeks 5 Days Symptoms: Since having the stomach flu since last week I really haven’t been feeling back to normal. Super nauseous and crampy, no appetite and super full after I eat anything. I have been also experiencing some light bolt pain that is coming from the hip flexor/groin area. She… Read more »

Winter Fitness Tips

A snowfall derails your usual outdoor workout.—Get busy in the winter and don’t let it derail you from your goals! Let it snow…Let it snow…Let it snow… The white stuff increases the calorie burn of each step. For example, a 30-minute moderate walk on an even surface burns 106 calories for the average 140-pound woman…. Read more »

My Favorite Pregnancy and Post-Pregnancy Apps

Now that you’re pregnant, your health is doubly important — you’re taking care of two now. Keep safety pregnancy rules straight, find ways to de-stress, choose the right foods to eat, what you can and can’t do pregnant, and more with our favorite apps for a healthy pregnancy.These are my go-to Pregnancy Apps that I… Read more »

32 Week Pregnancy Journal

  How far along: 32 Weeks 5 Days Symptoms: I had the stomach flu since Sunday night, it really didn’t hit till Wednesday early morning but started getting the body aches and nausea Sunday night. So today is the first day of not eating just apple sauce, thank goodness! Baby has been fine, she is… Read more »

#Movember Instagram Fitness Challenge

Stay accountable with the #MOVEMEBER Challenge this holiday season and go into 2016 with fellow #Movember Challengers! Please comment if you’re joining us! HOW TO JOIN: The #MOVEMBER Fitness Challenge STEP 1: POST TO INSTAGRAM: Post a picture of yourself with the cover of your book and put @daynadetersfitness and #movember in the caption. We… Read more »

31 Weeks Pregnancy Journal

How far along: 31 Weeks 5 Days Symptoms: I have been having much more baby movement, not much kicks but rolls and stretches. I think she is running out of room. She has started this week, moving more at night. I shouldn’t have opened up my mouth to soon about her being fairly quiet at… Read more »

30 Weeks Pregnancy Journal

How far along: 30 Weeks 5 Days Symptoms: More Braxton hicks started on Sunday, I think I get them most when I’m in the car or picking up stuff off the floor. I also have been sweating like a pig, with many hot flashes. I really understand the whole hot flashes now with women going… Read more »

29 Weeks Pregnancy Journal

How far along: 29 Weeks 5 Days Symptoms: Not much different than last week, less Braxton hicks. I do however get them when I push myself too much, bend over, walk fast, workout to hard, basically living my normal life! Ha! Baby was super quiet from Sunday till Wednesday, which was a little scary. But… Read more »