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Momma Fit Podcast Episode #5: New Year Goals

When you talk about New Year’s resolutions, most people chuckle and say they don’t bother with them anymore. Probably because they know in their hearts, there has been too many years where their goals have completely fallen flat. Ring a bell? Or noise maker for that matter?! Most resolutions are abandoned usually within the 2-3… Read more »

10 Tips To Keep You Motivated With Your Workouts

With a new year right around the corner, tis the season for setting new fitness goals. If you are anything like most people, you may find most of your fitness goals hard to stick with. This is normal. That is why there are so many resources aimed toward helping you to stick with your workout…. Read more »


Easter is almost here, and for some of us, that means a big brunch followed by getting “hopped” (get it, hopped up)  on candy — who can resist the big chocolate bunny and marshmallow Peeps? While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a few Easter treats, weighing your basket down with chocolate, caramel eggs, and jelly… Read more »

Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day! Within every woman is the power to create + nurture + transform anything that is put in your way. Being a woman is a superpower, I mean come on we have the power to make another human. I honor you today to give out the confidence of being you in this world. You… Read more »

#Movember Instagram Fitness Challenge

Stay accountable with the #MOVEMEBER Challenge this holiday season and go into 2016 with fellow #Movember Challengers! Please comment if you’re joining us! HOW TO JOIN: The #MOVEMBER Fitness Challenge STEP 1: POST TO INSTAGRAM: Post a picture of yourself with the cover of your book and put @daynadetersfitness and #movember in the caption. We… Read more »

Changing your Mindset by Michelle Hanson

When you decided to make a change in your lifestyle, what was the reason? Are you doing it because your friend is doing it and you like the difference you see in them? Are you going to do this for a while until you lose the weight you want and then you’ll be done “dieting”. … Read more »

Exercise and Pregnancy

This picture above was taken at 38 1/2 weeks pregnant. I will tell you, I had a tough but easy (if you can say that in one sentence) pregnancy and post-pregnancy. I was super sick for 16 weeks, in the beginning, had major headaches, but I continued to eat well, and workout daily because I… Read more »

He Dropped It Like It’s HOT

You might have seen my blog post about the Detox Drop (, I did the 3-day detox and my husband did the 6-day detox. He had different goals than I, and he exceeded his goals and then some. This is Rusty’s blog on what he thought of The Detox Drop system: Have you ever wondered… Read more »

Happy Hump Day!

So I have watched this clip many times because of how inspiring it is, it makes me tear up every time! I’m going to get real with you–I have watch this clip over 20 times. Every time I watch this, I learn a little more from him. This time I took notes to not forget…. Read more »