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New Cardio HIIT Workout

This past weekend we were in Duluth and let’s just say that the workout room in my hotel resembled my daughter’s closet. BUT, I was in luck because they had stairs, so this workout is high intensity, easy to follow, and make you sweat like crazy workout! Great for traveling or when you are in… Read more »

POP Squat Challenge

Here is a little fun to music! ENJOY! “POP” Squat Challenge (18X) Regular Squats (18X) Pulse Squats (14X) Front Kick Squats (8X) Regular Squats (2X) 360 Jump Squats (12X) Alternating Side Lunges (4X) 360 Jump Squats (12X) Alternating Side Lunges (12X) Regular Squats (4X) 360 Squats Repeat 1-3X for a fun fast workout!


This is a bit country and a little more POP but it is dedicated to those cowboys and cowgirls out there. I hope you enjoy this fast and fun workout! Enjoy! (10) Star Jumps + Tuck (46) Toe Taps (4) 10 High Knees + 10 Mountain Climbers (26) Toe Taps (14) Squat + Swing (60)… Read more »


Kettle bells are all bells, no whistles. This workout is great for cardio and strength. No harm in starting low and working your way up-I want you to make sure you get your form right! This workout will give you the intensity for all fitness levels, for all moves, I recommend aiming for 2X sets with good form. If… Read more »

“POP” AB Challenge

Want a sleek 6-pack?!  This will give you the feeling and the look of having those amazing abs.  Add this workout to your cardio days and you will feel amazing! Repeat 3-4X with a 1-minute break in-between. Have an AB-tastic time! 

Burpee “POP” Challenge

Hey Determinites–okay, I love these POP challenges! So I’m brought on my next “POP” challenge workout was a challenge because  it is BURPEES.  Yes–you heard that right, burpees! Try out the Burpee “POP” Challenge, and let me know how you do! This video will be up for one week than it is going into my… Read more »