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Name: Brianna Sanoski

Program: Shredded Bliss Express

What was your reason to train for a fitness competition?
I used to think I was healthy and fit; however, I wasn’t seeing the changes I wanted. I have always been into fitness and working out but I hit a plateau. This is when I contacted Dayna for advice and help. I learned I was not as healthy or fit as I thought I was. I learned so much about nutrition that I didn’t know before which has helped tremendously in my transformation. I also found that her workouts really pushed me and transformed me as well. I chose to compete to keep me accountable for my health and fitness changes I made in life, I needed that extra push. I also love competition and celebrating what my hard work, focus, and determination has done for me.

What are some of the positive changes that you have seen in yourself since starting?
I noticed results right away with Dayna’s program, which with any other program I have done I wouldn’t see results for a number of weeks or months. I noticed my clothes were getting bigger meaning I was losing inches. I am not the type of person to constantly weigh myself because I know muscle weighs more than fat and I don’t want a number on a scale to discourage me as that number doesn’t tell me all the positives I have accumulated. After I started losing inches I then stepped on the scale to find I lost ten pounds. The most positive changes I noticed in myself were my positive attitude, positive outlook on life, more energy, and confidence. I liked who I was becoming and what my body was transforming into.

How has your body changed?
My body has lost many inches so I was able to fit into smaller sizes, sizes I don’t ever remember wearing. My body has also tightened and toned so I have more muscle definition, which has given me confidence in myself.

How has the Determinite Online Training Program helped you?
The Determinite Online Training Program has helped me in multiple ways. It is so easy to access and follow, even for those who are not good with technology. I love how there is a video for every move in the workout so a person knows exactly how to do the move, and it is explained very thoroughly. The program has also allowed me to take my workouts mobile as I downloaded the app, so now when I am traveling I can access my workouts through my phone. I also eliminated my costly monthly gym membership plan through this program as I am easily able to complete the workouts right in the comfort of my home.

The program has not only helped me with my fitness, but also my nutrition. There is information on what foods are best to eat and when to eat them, along with a meal plan to follow. The item I really enjoyed with the nutrition program is all of the yummy recipes that members are able to access. I thought it would be hard to eat clean and healthy, but with these recipes I enjoy eating healthier versions of foods I used to eat. When eating these foods I feel great after eating them and not lazy or bloated like I would with the food I used to eat. I found after eating so healthy I don’t crave the junk food that I used too. If I do eat junk food it doesn’t even taste good to me anymore and there are times it makes me sick.

Do you have advice for others that want to take control of their health and fitness goals?
Everyone needs to start somewhere. It is best to start slow then add more as you go. Don’t get discouraged if you physically can’t see change, rather recognize internal changes your body is going through and how your clothes start to feel. Make sure you have goals in mind and something to strive for to help push your health and fitness to where you want it to be. Sometimes we need to get out of our comfort zone to achieve the results we want.

 Thank you, Dayna!

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Name: Amy

Program: TNT Transformation Challenge

This winter I had low energy and was feeling down about how I was looking and feeling after having my daughter. In January I decided to start watching what I was eating and began running in April hoping it would help me slim down and get in shape, but by May I really wasn’t seeing the results I wanted and I knew I would have to do more to get the results I wanted.

I am a busy mother of 2, working full time and also attending school part time. So I needed something that would fit my busy schedule that not only would allow me to get result but give me the flexibility with my workouts. I am a nurse and my schedule changes every week so I knew going to the gym and doing classes probably wasn’t going to work for me. I had to find something that would allow me to work out when I had the time. I have known Dayna since we were kids and I knew she was a personal trainer so I started checking into her program.

I signed up for her 90 transformation challenge in May and got started the very next day. After my first workout I knew I was going to get the results I wanted to see in my body. I remember the workout being tough and I was sore but I vowed to stick with it and see it through because I knew that with time I would get stronger and the workouts would get a little easier. After completing the 90-day transformation challenge I lost 15.5 pounds for a total of 24.5 pounds since starting my journey in January and too many inches to even count. I saw more results in 3 months with Dayna’s program then I had done in 5 months on my own. Dayna’s program not only offers you a workout program but she also makes sure your nutrition is on point as well so that you get the best possible results you can.

Since starting her program my running has even improved and I ran my first 10K this summer and will have also completed 2 (5K’s) this summer as well. Her program has given me the motivation and the drive to challenge myself to do new things. My energy levels have also sky rocketed and I am able to keep up with my two very busy children.

Dayna has taught me a lot about working out, eating healthy and staying positive. I would have never made this transition in my life without her program!

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Veronica Schilling

Name: Veronica Schilling

I owe starting my fitness/weight-loss journey with Dayna Deter’s to a past member (Michelle) for her testimonial. I remember crying as I read her story regarding what made her decide to live a healthier lifestyle and to start her journey with Dayna Deter’s. The story touched me and I related to it in so many ways. I researched the online program and read Dayna’s story as well, I thought “wow, she has a passion for healthy living; I want to be like that.” I have done many fad diets, joined groups/ memberships to help me lose weight in past; yes, they sometimes worked, but I always fell back into my old ways. I joined Dayna’s online program in July 2013 and since then I have learned so much about fitness, eating habits and more importantly–myself. You see, I had this inner voice that would often tell me that I CAN’T be fit, I CAN’T run a 5K and I CAN’T do this work-out; the list goes on and on, there was an excuse for everything. I’ve learned this past year that I am strong and I CAN do these things I put my mind to. I found myself motivated after every work-out; loving the feeling of being healthy! The motivational comments and statements on the Determinite Facebook page kept me going as well. Since I joined I have to admit I have lost weight – gained some back – and lost some again. My journey has had many struggles and failures, but that’s okay; the accomplishments make it all worth it. Although I do have a goal weight in mind that I haven’t reached yet; I also understand that the scale isn’t the only measurement of success. I am proud of my accomplishments I have earned; here are some of my proud moments:

1) My energy level has increased tremendously and my strength/endurance has improved. I love the feeling after a workout or a run, my kids often times join me and that makes me happy that I am being such a great role model for them.

2) I significantly increased my Army Physical Fitness Test score and I am currently working towards the Fitness Patch (to accomplish this I would need to get a 90% or higher in each event – push-ups, sit ups and 2 mile run). Not only did I make this my personal goal for this year, but my section at work has decided to join me in reaching the same goal…that’s awesome that I have influenced them to strive for more!

3) I’ve finished the Diet Free detox twice; first time I lost 11 pounds and 9 inches total! The second time I lost another 4 pounds! The weight loss and inches lost is great, but the way I feel overall after the detox is reason enough to do it. Others have noticed my results and have inquired about it; they all are currently doing the detox or have finished with much success. Here again, I love how I have influenced others to feel better.

4) I ran two 5K’s last year and registered to run another this year and a 10 mile race in July!! I would never have thought I would run ‘for fun’ (thought those people were crazy) and here I am doing it! I am not a runner, I have never enjoyed running, but with this program I have learned to like it The fact that I signed up for a 10 mile race shows that I will no longer let the CAN’T voice tell me that I CAN’T do it.

5) I find my co-workers, friends and family looking for advice/guidance from me; from eating healthy to detoxing or exercising. I have taught a co-worker how to read labels on packaged foods. I’ve encouraged a co-worker to do some functional workouts with me. I’ve joined a running group with my sister and motivate her to continue with it. I gave guidance and support to my mom, a friend and a co-worker during their detox. I find such pleasure in helping others during MY journey; it keeps me going and makes me push harder to be a role model of others.

My journey still has a long road to follow; I am looking forward to the future. Now that warmer weather is here, I have many more goals to achieve. I know I can do it and I am so thankful to you Dayna for what you do. You have changed my negative attitude and helped me realize that even though I may fail or struggle at times, I can leave that in the past and continue on my journey to not only set goals but to achieve them as well.

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Sheila Grangroth

Name: Sheila Grangroth

Location:Charleston, SC

Program:DDDF Athlete Endurance Training Package

What were some of your struggles before starting the online program?

Before I started this program I struggled changing my workout enough. It was easy to do the same routines each week. I also ran way too much, and feared if I didn't keep running X amount of miles a week I wouldn't be able to race again.

How have you transformed yourself?

Through this transformation I have become faster, stronger, and more athletic than ever before. I have learned that doing a variety of exercises actually makes you stronger in areas I never would have imagined. Never did I think I could run my fastest marathon by only running 3 days a week--and weigh less the normal. The variety of workouts has pushed me harder than ever before, and have given me that same feeling I get from running!

What have you learned about yourself through the program?

This program has literally been life changing; I've had some of the most amazing moments during my workouts. I've finally found something that works with my busy schedule as I travel for a living, something that pushes me beyond ever imagined. My mind and body feel strong!!

How has your endurance events changed since starting the program?

Since I started this program my endurance events have all improved tremendously. I cut almost 9 minutes off my full marathon time, have recently ran my fastest mile ever (cutting about 40 sec off), my average mile running long distance is 30-60 seconds faster per mile without even struggling.

What do you feel is the most important tip that you can pass on to someone that is just starting out?

When you're dead tired and think you can't do anymore, remind yourself how strong you are and that there is no way you're not finishing!! Your brain is more powerful than you think-- it can get you through anything!!

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Chellie Feick

Name: Chellie Feick

What were some of your struggles before starting the online program?

My biggest struggle was taking care of me. I am a busy wife and mother of four. I feel like I'm always in a rush. I am many things to many people, and sometimes I forgot to count myself. I put the needs of my family before myself. I was sad, stressed out and easily frustrated.

I am a binge eater. Stress and frustration are my triggers. And when I'm overwhelmed, I snack and sneak food. I thought Dayna's program would be perfect for me, because 1. Food journaling is encouraged, and 2. She occasionally asks for pictures. Nowhere to hide!

How have you transformed yourself?

I can honestly tell you that my body is changing, inside and out. I schedule time by myself in the early morning to workout. I fit into clothes that have been sitting in a box for two years. I am upbeat. My husband calls me a "firecracker." I'm very proud of the new me - a feeling I haven't felt about myself in a while. I smile at myself every time I pass a mirror or see my reflection in a window. I feel AWESOME.

What have you learned about yourself through the program?

I bought the program for the workouts, but I know now that I needed the program to get healthy in my mind. I've learned that I radiate goodness - good thoughts, good feelings and good actions - when I eat better and exercise.

What are some of your Tips and Tricks that could help others?

TIP: Take weekly photos to keep you honest and help you see the change in you.
TIP: Schedule your workouts. "Your workouts are important meetings you scheduled with yourself. Bosses don't cancel."
TIP: Sweat. Sparkle. SMILE. Repeat.
TIP: Keep the junk out of the house so you can keep the junk out of you.
What are your go-to meals and snacks that keep you prepared?

Our family's favorite supper is salmon with steamed broccoli. I save this meal for the busiest night of the week. Salmon is just as quick as a frozen pizza.

I can't believe that plain Greek yogurt with frozen blueberries is one of my favorite snacks. When I crave something crunchy, baby carrots with spicy hummus do the trick. Almond butter makes my mouth happy - on toast, with a juicy apple or even as a dip for carrot sticks. (Don't knock it 'til you try it!)

What do you feel is the most important tip that you can pass on to someone that is just starting out?

Stay connected: check-in with Dayna via email and follow our exclusive Facebook group. Sometimes it's easier to have someone who isn't a family member or best friend to share things with.

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Michelle Hanson

Name: Michelle Hanson

What was your reason to start working out?

My fitness journey started a little over a year ago, January 28th, 2012 to be exact. I am a mother of 3 handsome boys (ages 10, 6, and 1) and a wife to one of my best encouragers. With each one of my children, I began to gain a little more weight. I lost a little here and there, but never kept up on it like I should have. By the time I gave birth to my third child, I was beginning to hit the obese line. I never went shopping for myself, I hated shopping. Nothing ever fit right, and Ididn'tlike those mirrors in the dressing rooms. At the time I was a daycare provider in my home. I was open 50 hours a week, not to mention morning prep time and afterward cleaning duties. I was tired and exhausted and was beginning to be stressed out, a lot (my poor husband). I knew I wanted a change but didn't think I had the time to fit another thing into my schedule. My wake- up call was one night, I was on my hands and knees scrubbing my kitchen floor for what felt like the 100th time that day, and began balling my eyes out. I was so overwhelmed, tired and frustrated all at the same time. I knew something had to change. When I started I weighed 168 pounds on a 5'2" frame.

What are some of the positive changes that you have seen in yourself?

The most important thing to me out of my whole fitness journey is that I am a better mom because of it. I have so much more energy to wrestle around with my boys, go for bike rides and walks. My stress is completely gone. I do have more confidence, and I now love to shop! Those mirrors in the dressing rooms don't scare me anymore.

How has your body changed?

In total I have lost 49 pounds. I went from a size 14 to a size 2 in a matter of 14 months. I was able to run in my first 5k's, and have plans for 10k's this summer. For me it's not about being thin, but how the weight loss has impacted my overall physical and mental health.

How has the Determinite Online Training Program helped you?

Being a newbie to the whole world of health, I was searching for more. I loved the new found energy and I had to do something with it! Winter came about again and I tried a couple different in-home programs that I became bored with quickly. I was flipping through Facebook one day I came across Dayna Deters Fitness as she was the wife of one of my classmates from high school. She mentioned to me that she soon would be starting an online program and I was thrilled! I knew I wanted to be a part of it because she was so helpful and caring in the questions that I had. Dayna has motivated me in many ways to keep going. She loves what she does and she has such passion for her clients. Her program is truly amazing in its variety of workouts. Every week is a different workout plan, and she is always popping new challenges in the mix. Her clean eating plan is perfect for anyone, including a family. I have tried most of her recipes she has on her site, and they are awesome and kid friendly, which is perfect for busy moms. This is not just an in-home program; this is hiring a personal trainer. I am amazed at the time and effort she puts into making this program fun and personal. After just 2 months on the program, I have noticed a big change in my tone, especially that hard to loose baby tummy! She has amazing abdominal exercises that really work that lower abdominal area that we strive so hard to get back post-partum.

Do you have advice for others?

My faith played a huge part of my determination. A lot of prayers were said in finding the strength to meet my goals. When I look back at how fast it went, I am amazed on why I waited so long. After I met my goal, I got this tattoo on my foot. It is a reminder to me on how He helped me through taking a step, not only spiritually, (Walk by Faith, not by sight), but physically. We take steps forward not knowing how far we can make it, but with His strength we can move mountains. You can do this. You can make a change! It will happen, you just need to keep taking a step forward.

I want to challenge any of you that are just starting out to take time for yourself. As moms we tend to give, give, and give, and we don't do a very good job at taking care of ourselves. Push to make time, eat healthy, and make a life change. There is no magic pill, or diet. There is just hard work, determination and eating the right foods. When I was tired after work, all I wanted to do was sit on that couch and relax, but I would ask myself, “Is that going to help me for what I want tomorrow?" The answer is no! Find what works for you, and make it happen!

Thank you!

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