Determinite Express DVD Series Fact Page




I’ve went over and over these DVD workouts…and over again to bring you what I think are the hardest (and best) cardio workouts of my career so far. Are you ready?

Whether you’re at a beginner, intermediate or advanced workout level, these workouts will work for you. With three different levels to follow along with, all you have to do is start today!

Just think, 60 days from now you’re going to be in the best shape of your life, and you will have the energy and confidence you’ve been striving to achieve.

The Determinite Express Series #1, with Descriptions:


Volume #1 – Hit the Floor (18 minutes): This non-stop, body-weight workout incorporates effective moves that will elevate your heart rate, sculpt your entire body, and leave your body shaking! 

Equipment Needed: Yoga mat

Volume #2 – Core-Centric (20 minutes): The core moves in Volume 2 will hit your powerhouse from all angles to define and build stronger, sculpted abs, as well as a strong lean body.

Equipment Needed: Yoga mat

Volume #3 – Dig Deep and Be Determined (18 minutes): This endurance workout maximizes fat burning while working every muscle in your body. You’ll dig deep to get through this one, but you’ll feel more determined than ever to do it.

Equipment Needed: Yoga mat

The Determinite Express Series #2, with Descriptions:


Volume #4 – Side Bend and Sit Ups (19 minutes): This fast-moving ab and core workout will have you sweating with the use of a chair or bench.

Equipment Needed: Yoga mat + chair/bench/box/or step

Volume #5 – Beyond Leg Cardio (15 minutes): Using just one set of dumbbells, blast off the fat with explosive leg moves that will leave your body shaking for more.

Equipment Needed: Yoga Mat + set of dumbbells

Volume #6 – Rockin’ the Core (15 minutes): This workout is extreme and mean, but will leave you feeling lean and strong! And the best part? It requires NO equipment other than yourself!

Equipment Needed: Yoga mat

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Looking for some guidance on how to incorporate all these workouts into your weekly workout routine? Whether you own one or both Series, all you have to do is perform the designated workout on the specified day below. If you have both series, you’ll have an entire week’s worth of workouts – enjoy!

Month 1:

This month serves as an introduction to all the workouts. You will start the first two weeks off slow, but gradually add more workouts in. To make a change, you need to change what you’re doing. You will work out roughly 5-6 days a week starting out for 20 minutes a day. Seems simple, right? You can definitely fit in 20 minutes! Do what you can with the workouts and make sure to work out smart and start with the fitness level that fits you.


Month 2:

Prepare for a gradual increase in daily workouts – and intensity, if you’re able. If you’re willing to work harder, you will notice a difference in your body and mind. You can do it – just tell yourself you can!


*If you are an online www.daynadetersfitness training member and receive the strength training workouts, you can replace the Monday-Wednesday-Friday workouts with the Strength Training Functional Workouts.