Find yourself indulging at the dessert table most holidays…

Find yourself indulging at the dessert table most holidays? Me too. I love the sweet stuff! But good news, you and I can still indulge with these sweet holiday treats in the latest Gluten-Free Momma Fit Christmas Edition Cookbook.

Instead of holding yourself back this holiday season from the goodies, why not make them healthier? Holla! THAT is what I am talking about! I’m a believer of not depriving ourselves, but I am a believer about making healthier choices for our bodies. We only have one body so why not make better choices when we can.

Let’s eat well, feel great, look great and celebrate Christmas without having to worry about the January guilt, hurting friends’ feelings or just being awkward. So let me share my favorite holiday treats with you this holiday season! Happy Baking!

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