Kid “POP” Challenge

If you are looking for a workout to do with your kids or use this as part of your supplemental day (8X for 30 seconds per exercise). This is a great workout you can do with your whole family or just yourself. Enjoy!


Set it up in stations and make it fun for your family and encourage activity as a family—if you have younger kids just encourage them to repeat what you are doing and offer praises when they do it. They will keep repeating if they know they are doing it right, and don’t worry if you end up doing by yourself, kids can get bored—just keep it up and they will return!

1. Cone Run (don’t have cones? Use anything!)

2. Squat Touch Floor

3. Lateral Plank Walks

4. Walk-out Planks

5. Push-up

6. Mountain Climber

7. Burpees

Repeat 1-3X for 30 seconds per exercise for a fun FAMILY workout! 

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