IMG_3963The New Year brings new opportunities.  As many people embark on their fitness goals for the New Year, I want to help motivate, educate and transform your body and mind!

The Determinite Program is designed to push yourself to levels that you never knew you had. Your body will be exhausted after each workout and your mind will be full of positive vibes knowing you accomplished it.

While looking and feeling good is its own reward we at Dayna Deters Fitness are…

Announcing the
Love Your Body Challenge…
A Transformational Challenge That ANYONE Can Win!

Give us 60-days, and we’ll give you the tools, the rules, and all the motivation you need to build a body you’ll love more than ever. Here’s how:

Dayna Deters Fitness is sponsoring a new fitness challenge in a different and incredibly fun way, where you score yourself and YOU determine whether you win or not. Anyone who enters has a chance to win.

In our previous challenges, hundreds of women have accepted our motivational challenges and thousands of pounds of fat have been burned…

A lot of lean muscle has been gained, too! Whether your goal is burning or building – or just getting fitter and healthier – this challenge is for you.

Even if you’ve heard of our transformational challenge before, or even if you’ve signed up for one, you should read on and check out the details of this NEW type of challenge, because it’s unlike any of the “before and after photo” contests we’ve done before.

How the Love Your Body Challenge is Different:

  • -The challenge is scored primarily on points, not on your before and after photos. You score points for TAKING ACTION!
  • -If you can take productive action such as logging in your meals, or texting me pictures of your meals, finishing a workout, posting your goals, or charting your weekly progress, you can score points, and you can win!
  • -You do get points for posting photos, but photos are optional.
  • -You can even get points for posting pictures in clothes (no swimsuit pictures required!)
  • -You get points for writing an inspirational testimonial by telling your 60-day challenge success story (Not a writer? No worries – that’s optional too).
  • -Whoever has the most points at the end wins, but ANYONE can win… just by finishing, you’ll be entered into the finisher’s random prize drawing.
  • -There will also be weekly prizes for each week of the challenge, so the more points you get the more you will receive.

I’m not sure if you’re one of those people who never entered a contest because you didn’t want to take “before” photos in shorts or a swimsuit, or if you simply didn’t think you had a chance of winning anything, but if you are, then this is the no-pressure, all-fun challenge you have been waiting for…

And if you’re the type of person who DOES like the thrill of competing to win – this challenge is for you too… take the challenge, see if you can score maximum points and take the before and after photos, too!


This program is for individuals who need more support, accountability and guidance. With the LOVE YOUR BODY Challenge, you will receive everything in the Shredded Bliss category AND you’ll be enrolled in a transformation challenge that offers cash prizes, gift certificates and more! Competition among your peers is a great motivator. And who doesn’t like a challenge?

  • -Eating tips made easy
  • -A printable Get Lean Meal Guide, and Clean Eating Detox Meal Guide, Grocery List and Recipes.
  • -Over 300 healthy and fit recipes that will make you feel like you’re eating the real thing.
  • -Either 1 hour-3 functional weekly full body workouts or 5-body specific 30-minute workouts both including videos to help with form and demonstration of the moves.
  • -Weekly journal check-ins with your trainer.
  • -Cardio workouts, from 15 minutes to 1 hour workouts.
  • -Tips to make your workouts the best they can be
  • -Determinite Group call for updates, check-ins, motivation, questions or concerns
  • -Get extra support and motivation from other Determinites in the Determinite Group on Facebook (you will receive an invite).

“YES! I Want To Do The Challenge! 
How Do I Enter?”

Rules and check list to complete on getting started:

Registration opens January 17th, 2017

Starts February 1st, 2017

Step 1:
Step 2:
Once you receive your first email from Dayna Deters Fitness after you sign-up for the LOVE YOUR BODY CHALLENGE, print off the 1st Week of the LOVE YOUR BODY CHALLENGE workbook and nutritional guide, which is where we will sort out your your short term goals set, with the days you are going to work out, and meal prep dates to keep you accountable.
Step 3:
Listen to the first week, starting February 1st VLOG, to get helpful tips, tricks and motivation to jump start your 1st week with Dayna. 
Step 4: 
Get familiar with the points system, and what are they you ask? And how do you track them? 

5 POINTS-5 points for each meal, daily max of 15 points.

10 POINTS-Log your weight/or inches (up or down) for 10 points per week (one weigh-in each week for the 10 points), you will need to text those numbers to Dayna. 

20 POINTS-Posting a picture of your meal on the Private Determinite Community page.

40 POINTS-Posting a selfie of yourself in workout clothes, either working out, or afterwards on the Private Determinite Community page. 

50 POINTS-Post either workout or meal selfie on Instagram with #daynadetersfitness with your post. 

60 POINTS-Participants that have a goal to lose weight/or inches each week will get 50 points per week for progressing toward their goal, you will need to text those numbers to Dayna. 

Remember this is a challenge that anyone can do, it’s just a matter of getting yourself in the habit and keeping you there! We want you to succeed and help you live a healthy lifestyle for life, so that is why we want to help keep you accountable with this fun challenge by creating a change so you CAN see a CHANGE! What are you waiting for?! Let’s do this together! JOIN NOW! 

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