Momma Fit Podcast #24: The Non Scale Victories

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I’m all about the non-scale victories when it comes mind health and finding the true results from eating healthier–more balanced meals, and working out. While most are concerned with the scale and how many pounds have been lost, because let’s be honest, it is something we have always used to gauge our results while dieting in the past.

But how I gauge people’s results are non-scale victories because they are the keys for motivation and proof of progress. While people’s weight loss may stall from time to time (and for good reason), non scale victories will not.

So that is why it’s important to identify and focus on those non-scale victories. They will reward you more than the scale, and here is why and I will explain more in this episode:

Non Scale Victories:
Here’s why the scale may let you down. You don’t always lose body weight because body weight is a poor measurement of progress. Body weight DOES NOT equal fat loss. You can be losing fat and the scale may not budge for a number of reasons:

1. Water retention (from workouts or salt intake)
2. Muscles mass gain (a good thing)
3. Time of the month (ladies)
4. And you may be doing an exercise program that doesn’t really accelerate fat loss in the initial stages. So you may get discouraged and even quit if you are focused on the scale… even when you were actually making progress!

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