Momma Fit Podcast Episode #14: Fitness Travel Tips


There’s a boatload of reasons traveling sabotages even the most disciplined person’s eating and fitness habits. Your schedule is disrupted. You’re surrounded by gobs of unhealthy food in the airport. Your dumbbells are replaced by clunky suitcases on wheels.

But here’s the thing: If you learn to recognize these potholes—and avoid them—you CAN actually return from your next trip leaner, healthier and more motivated than when you left.
So grab your bags and luggage. It’s time to learn the new rules of the road—the Determined fit way.

This happens and there are tips to get you on track before you go on vacation, in this episode we will discuss: 

1. This episode will help you with your travel day with healthy tips and tricks.
2. What you can do when you leave on your jet plane.
3. Tips on what is best when you need help putting your workouts together while traveling.
4. Yes, these come up….Workout Excuses—I’ll help you conquer them!
5. This episode will also give you ideas on how to eat and drink without feeling the bloat when you come home from your trip.
6. And lastly, the hotel sabotages and how to make the right choices.

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