Momma Fit Podcast Episode #17: 10 Ways Parenting and Being an Entrepreneur Are the Same


When I launched my first business, I thought I was challenging myself in completely new ways. My background as a health educator didn’t prepare me for tasks like drawing up a business plan, building a website, or marketing, blogging, and consulting other businesses. As it turned out, though, an entirely different aspect of my life did prepare me for the experience of raising kids.

If you’re a mom or business owner who’s dreamt about starting a new business or vise versa, these 10 observations may encourage you to take the plunge and keep at it:

Topics this episode will go through:
1. No amount of research will prepare you.
2. Mistakes are 100% guaranteed.
3. Expect earfuls of unsolicited advice.
4. You can’t always be perfect.
5. You work 24/7, and there’s no guarantee of success.

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