Momma Fit Podcast Episode #28: What is Fascia?

If you follow me on any of my social media platforms, you may know I LOVE the Rollga Foam Roller. Since I started using the Rollga, I have educated myself as to WHY we all need to use some sort of myofascial release tools (there are many, by the way!). My favorite so far, is the Rollga and the Helo by Rollga. These two tools have contours to help break up the fascia and releases any tension, pain, and tightness that I feel going on in my body. 

Now this episode is not all about the Rollga, it’s about fascia. I wanted to educate you on how important this topic is, why we need to have fascial fitness. We all want to move better, feel better, and feel less stress in the body, am I right? Well, this is WHY we need to give myofascial release a try. 

What is fascia? Here is a little idea what you may hear in this episode:
Fascia provides the protective sheath around our entire body as a whole and also surrounds each organ and muscle for protection from outside trauma. Our fascia also plays an important supportive role to the musculoskeletal system by enabling us to perform functional activities like going from sitting to standing and being able to walk, jump and run. 

When you have fascial adhesion and distortions, this can cause poor blood flow, weaker nerve impulses, limited flexibility and range of motion, and a host of other physical ailments.

Why we need to move our fascia?
1. When the fascia is tight, it can constrict the nerves and actually block off the nerve signal. 
2. Have nagging pain in your body? So much pain, tightness, and discomfort is unnecessarily caused by distorted fascia. 
3. Our body will feel younger. The condition of our skin can be affected by the state of our fascia. Not many people understand the impact of blood and fascia, and how it relates to the quality of our skin. Elastin and Collagen are two proteins which are essential to maintaining healthy, youthful skin. 
4. Seriously, this will help those dimples, too! Believe it or not, even those pesky dents and dimples, that we all know as “cellulite” are also due to unhealthy fascia! Most people think cellulite is a fat issue, when in reality it is caused by distortions in your connective tissue – fascia!

Okay, enough about that. Take a listen. I promise you will learn good information! 

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