Momma Fit Podcast Episode #29: Changing Your Mindset Will Change Your Body

When it comes to getting fit, you’re willing to change, right?

But the real deal on setting yourself up for success, comes from the mindset you have to change to make your goals a reality. Truth is, it doesn’t matter how much you spend on a gym or how good your personal trainer is, it’s really all about your behavior. And that’s your mind over your body, am I right? 

For most of us, these “I don’t” statements become patterns of thinking that can be tough to leave behind. And sadly, when our thoughts about being active center on why we don’t want to and can’t, actually getting physical becomes more difficult.

Some things that will help you change your mindset will be discussed in this episode, including:

1. Making exercise a habit and doing something daily.
2. Make it brief and start with short bouts of exercise.
3. Make a Plan B. Life has a way of upending the best-laid plans. 
4. Make it motivating. What gets someone else moving simply may not work for you, no comparison in the game of health. 

Thanks again for listening!

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