Momma Fit Podcast


This is the Momma Fit Podcast. This podcast is dedicated to all those momma’s out there that want to fit a workout in a day, or want to fit in a moment of bliss, or HEY…you want to fit in those skinny jeans!

Dayna Deters is the host of Momma Fit podcast. She is a mother of 2 beautiful girls, a wife, and entrepreneur. Her passion became her profession when she had a wake-up call about 15 years ago. With the support of others and a positive attitude, she was able to overcome the hurdles in her life. This momma strives to wake up and conquer each day to make it better than the day before. Her passion for business and education to others is what drives this momma to be her best version of Momma fit.

With Dayna’s background she hopes to help you with your business, health and fitness needs, family time in the kitchen and give you motivation and inspiration to tackle your day, and most importantly, to help YOU fit in your Momma Fit time! 

Momma Fit Podcast Episode #1: In the Beginning


In episode #1 of the Momma Fit Podcast, I will bring you through my journey of who I am, where I started and where I am right at this moment.
Life is all about sharing the good information and passing it to others, helping them reach their very best and becoming the person they are meant to be.
I believe in being transparent, letting go of my past, forgive myself in the process and learning that all those struggles I went through were all great things that were stepping stones to who I have become today. I hope with this podcast YOU will allow me to give YOU the motivation in your life, to either tackle your business, health and fitness needs, family time in the kitchen and give you motivation and inspiration to make the best out of your day. What are you waiting for?! Make YOU time, by fiting in YOUR “Momma Fit” time!

Momma Fit Podcast Episode #2: Is Fear Holding You Back?


Do you feel that maybe your fear is running your show. Well you’re in luck, because today’s topic on the Momma Fit Podcast will help you bring awareness on your fear. The fear that is holding you back from your passion, your love life or maybe the fear of asking for that much needed raise. Get behind the wheel of your life, drive away that fear and reclaim your life.

Momma Fit Podcast Episode #3: Holiday Fit Tips


Don’t let the holidays derail your goals. You can make time for friends, family, AND fitness with the tips that Dayna will give you in this weeks episode of Momma Fit.

If staying lean this holiday season is at the top of your Christmas list, than you’ll want to put the following holiday fitness tips into action.

It takes a good dose of motivation, determination, and persistence to get through the next couple weeks without overindulging, especially if many of the people close to you aren’t leading the same lifestyle. So listen in and get some great tips to keep you right on track till the new year!

Thank you so much for spending your time with the Momma Fit Podcast, Dayna is so happy to share her tips and tricks with you. If you loved this podcast, we would be so happy if you could share this episode with your friends and family. Also, if you have time, please leave us a review of your honest thoughts and reflections of the podcast on iTunes or my app, we would be so grateful. If you have any topic or suggestion that you want answered leave those comments below, and make sure that YOU fit in your Momma Fit time!

Momma Fit Podcast Episode #4: How to FIT Working out Into Your Life


Fitting in fitness, can be a tough job but one of the best ways to start any kind of habit is to create a ritual around the habit you want to create. And working out is no different!

For example, maybe you want to work out first thing in the morning before you go to work every weekday. You might create a ritual where every morning before work, you get up, eat a small breakfast while listening to the morning radio, then do a workout, shower, and drive to work or do your scheduled daily task.

The idea is to get your mind and body so used to including a workout in your morning routine (or whatever time of day you like to work out) so you no longer have to think about it—it just comes naturally to you.

Listen today to get more tips, along on how to get on a schedule even with a busy life!

Momma Fit Podcast Episode #5: New Year Goals


When you talk about New Year’s resolutions, most people chuckle and say they don’t bother with them anymore. Probably because they know in their hearts, there has been too many years where their goals have completely fallen flat. Ring a bell? Or noise maker for that matter?!

Most resolutions are abandoned usually within the 2-3 week mark, and you are left feeling guilty that another year is here and yet again did not follow through on your big plans to better your life.

Dayna is going to go through a step-by-step guide on how to set your goals the right way, so you can be more successful in ALL areas of your life, AND not just working out ones! To be a successful, you need to hit on all areas and not leave them out because those are the steps that get us closer to that BIG New Years Resolution goal! Happy New Year, let’s start your NEW year off right!

Momma Fit Episode #6: The Reason Vision Boards WORK!


I have been creating vision boards for the last 4 years, and I will tell you that they will work. I used them to envision what my goals were with my online personal training business, creating the Determinite Express DVD workout series, writing The Gluten Free Momma Fit Cookbook, getting the programs and jobs I have wanted, and having two healthy pregnancies…and the list goes on. All I had to do is was add my goals to my vision board, create the emotion around it, then creating the steps to get there and knowing that these goals will happen.

Using a vision board will give you a clear picture of what is important to you and, will define for you what your goal actually looks like.

In this podcast I will give you easy tips and tricks to help build your vision board around your goals. If you are still unsure how a vision board can help you accomplish your goals, listen to the reasons why you need to use one for 2017.

Momma Fit Episode #7: The All or Nothing Approach


Some of us lack a couple of gears; it’s either full power ahead or nothing. Do you suffer from that? I used to when it came to my workouts, to my nutrition and just everyday life. My All or Nothing mode was forged a long ago and was basically how I got through my college and my eating disorder years. I felt that if I stopped the momentum that I would have to re-do the whole darn thing. This topic I wanted to share this topic with you because when we start the New Year goals, you started with determination to create your healthy lifestyle and with enthusiasm and hope. You watch your food intake diligently, exercise like it was going out of style, and even avoid the temptations that seems to be lurking around every corner. And you are confident that you were going to reach your goals once and for all!

Then certain tragedy struck. You ate an extra piece of pizza this weekend. Realizing you had “blown” your day of nutrition; so you ate another and another and but then couldn’t get it together the next day either. Even worse, you missed one workout, and that turned into a whole week away from the gym. After that, your momentum to start over again was gone, and your gym bag hasn’t left the closet since.

Every time you misstep on your healthy journey, you have two choices: to keep walking backwards, which will surely take you even further away from your goals; or accept what has happened which is completely is normal and forgivable. If you choose to accept you have taken not one, but two positive steps down the path that brings your closer to the future you want.

If you’re reading this, you might have been walking backwards for a while. But instead of waiting for the next day, week, month or even year to overhaul your habits, start TODAY. And start small. You can’t go from the recliner to running or from burgers to Brussels sprouts in an afternoon. But you can do one thing little steps to get you back on the right track. That will help you regain your momentum for healthy living. It will happen, I promise. I see this day in day out being a trainer and let me tell you, it is more of a mental game than anything else. I get it—if you have read my bio, you know I had and still have the same issue.

Listen today, as Dayna gives you tips and tricks on how to balance out your life and get you started on the right track!

Momma Fit Podcast Episode #8: The “Mommy 5-Minute Time Out”


So I have a topic that is basically just for the momma’s and about something that most of us deal with…it’s called the mommy time out….

You know the feeling when the baby is being extra fussy, your 5 year old is asking you the same question over and over again, like “where does babies come from?” Oh, and your cat just threw up on the carpet and after all of that, you are ALL out of caramel rice cakes AND peanut butter…OK, anyone else have those days or is it just me?

OK, that is when I need five minutes. Right now. I hereby calling a “mommy 5-minute time-out.”

If you have those days, listen to today’s podcast because we shouldn’t ever feel alone when you are about to lose your marbles. Because let’s be real with each other, we have ALL been there!

Momma Fit Podcast #9: Pressures From the Outside, Controls the Inside

I’m thrilled to have my favorite person and my biggest fan on today’s podcast, my friend and husband, Rusty Deters!

Rusty and I met at the gym we are currently working at 11 years ago, and we have been married for almost 7 years.

This is my very FIRST guest on this podcast and we both decided, that he will be a regular on my show. Rusty will sharing his thoughts and tips on health and business, as well, since we both work in the same field.

Since we are living in a fast pace world and sometimes we carry extra stress wherever we go, we tend to hold a lot on our shoulders. But as we know holding on to that stress can surly make us feel heavy in our hearts and in our bodies. Listen in for “Pressures From the Outside, Control the Insides.”

Its not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it. –Hans Selye

I’d love to share the 5 things you can start doing NOW, to free your mind and feel less stressed in 2017:

1. Say NO to things you don’t HAVE to do and do NOT want to do.
2. Believe that everything will work out, and live your life in the moment.
3. Pray, meditate, read self-improvement books.
4. Begin each day with positive affirmations.
5. Workout, and move the body.

Momma Fit Episode #10: Life Lessons That Are Meant to Sail YOU In the Right Direction


As you strive to achieve your dreams, goals and life’s wants, you can count on there being some setbacks and disappointments. Don’t get discouraged, the road to your dreams may not be an easy one.
Think of these challenges as tests of persistence and courage that life throws at you during your journey. They were necessary and were meant to help you grow as a person.

Learn to adjust the sails of your life to unpredictable winds, while keeping your focus clear on your destination.

In this episode you will learn:
1. Set backs are suppose to help shoot you in the right direction.
2. If you fall down, you will get back up.
3. Learning that everyday is an lesson, and whatever comes your way is meant to be on the road of this thing called life.

Momma Fit Podcast #11: Born This Way



In this week’s podcast, I talk about self-esteem, and how to improve on it. In many situations, it starts in the morning when we look at ourselves in the mirror and we become our own worst enemy. I will help you discover ways to help you, LOVE YOU, and put an end to our own self-judgement.

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is You-er than You.”― Dr. Seuss

I get it, I also do it time-to-time (especially when my baby is sick, and I get no sleep from the night before). But no matter what, it seems to be true: We compare ourselves to others and then judge ourselves for what we are doing (or not doing). We want to know how we are stacking up. Unfortunately, this habit can lead to a lack of self-esteem. If you want to start loving yourself and put a STOP to this love-hate relationship you have going on, than listen to these helpful tips in today’s episode.

What you will learn from this episode:
1. How to end self-criticism, for good.
2. How to let go of your ego, and free your mind.
3. Start acknowledging your accomplishments.
4. Learn to forgive yourself.
5. Learn how to enjoy your life.

Momma Fit Podcast Episode #12: 5 Ways To Be More Consistent


When it comes to honoring anything in your life consistency is key.

And it’s one simple secrets to success, and I find many of my clients—and many of you—struggle with. Old habits die hard and when stress gets high or we out of our scheduled we revert to the familiar. This is why it is imperative that you stay mindful of your end goal (new healthier behavior) and don’t get lulled back to sleep (past habitual behavior).

Remember; change takes time and diligence. What often happens is that we fail to give ourselves the time and space that is necessary to create new habits that result in lasting change.

Many of my clients also find that the more changes they want to make, the harder it is to keep them. So, how can you make commitments and consistently honor them to create lasting change? Listen to today’s episode to get some helpful tips on keeping yourself consistent and finally conquer your goals!

What you will learn from this episode:
1. How to take your power back and finally conquer your goals.
2. Take control of your schedule and do what needs to be done.
3. How to keep your eye on your why.
4. How to create the dream and believe in your action.

Momma Fit Podcast Episode #13: Why I’m Breaking Up With Perfection


Are you always waiting for the time to be right?

Are you waiting for the moment you feel you have all of the puzzle pieces?

Are you waiting for the phase when you have more time?

Or are you going to keep waiting, all the while feeling bad about not doing anything?

When you chase perfection, you set yourself up for disappointment, and all too easily it is used as a form of procrastination.

There’s never a perfect moment that you will feel completely ready for anything.

Many people never completely feel capable, have enough time and energy to achieve their goals. And most are terrified of failure, looking foolish, and letting others down.

In this weeks podcast, I will talk about one of my issues that I constantly work on. I’m not perfect, and nor will I ever be. Life is a work in progress and that is how we should live.

What you will learn in this episode:
1. How and why it’s OK to give yourself permission to fail.
2. Why you need to set boundaries.
3. When it’s OK to say NO, instead of always saying YES.

Momma Fit Podcast Episode #14: Fitness Travel Tips


There’s a boatload of reasons traveling sabotages even the most disciplined person’s eating and fitness habits. Your schedule is disrupted. You’re surrounded by gobs of unhealthy food in the airport. Your dumbbells are replaced by clunky suitcases on wheels.

But here’s the thing: If you learn to recognize these potholes—and avoid them—you CAN actually return from your next trip leaner, healthier and more motivated than when you left.
So grab your bags and luggage. It’s time to learn the new rules of the road—the Determined fit way.

This happens and there are tips to get you on track before you go on vacation.

1. I will help you with your traveling day with healthy tips and tricks.
2. What you can do when you leave on your jet plane.
3. Tips on what is best when you need help putting your workouts together while traveling.
4. Yes, these come up….Workout Excuses—I’ll help you conquer them!
5. This episode will give you ideas on how to eat and drink without feeling the bloat when you come home from your trip.
6. And lastly, the hotel sabotages and how to make the right choices.

When you have time please tell me your thoughts below, and if you loved what your heard, please click the share button and share the love! Thank you listening and check back next week for the newest episode of the Momma Fit Podcast!