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How your Determinite program is made.

As your trainer, I will personally create a health and fitness plan that's both customized and convenient for you. It's a plan you can (and will) actually use every day. And the more you use/follow the Determinite Program, the more successful you'll be - that's a fact.

I don't want you to waste time and money chasing the next gimmick. There is not one program that is the same for every person. That's why after many years of experience in the fitness industry and countless hours of research, I came up with my Determinite Program.

I know what it's like to be busy. It's hard to find the time to work out when you have a career. And as a mom and wife, I know it's even harder trying to manage a family and household. It's a juggling act and we have to use our time wisely. With all of these challenges in mind, I created a program that's effective and time efficient. You'll find you have more time to spend with your family, all while getting the body you want! Oh, and did I mention this program is crazy affordable, too?

Anything short of the above, simply WILL NOT WORK. Because if it's not personal, it's not possible.

communication with clients is the key to success

Communication is the key

I understand how important it is to be available to my clients and keep the lines of communication open. It's no surprise that the clients who succeed the most are the clients who talk/email with their trainer on a regular basis. I've made this part so easy! Simply reply by email, through my website using your computer or mobile device, and I'll get back to you in a timely manner!

Frequent News Updates allow me to keep members current on new offerings, tips, challenges and much more.

It evolves with your day

Every day is different. And I know that no matter how much a person plans, things are going to come up and plans are going to change. As a wife and a mother, I totally get it. But that doesn't mean it has to throw your whole day off. I've created an easy, foolproof program that allows you to take care of yourself and your life (this includes kids, spouses, friends, family and work). The Determinite Program adjusts to your life and enables you to make healthy decisions - even when you've hit a bump in the road.

Did the chicken run away before you could cook it? No problem! I'll make it work! And if you ever have any other cooking or workout questions, or just need a little motivation, I'm just a click away.

A fitness plan that evolves with your day

Eat Delicous Yet Nutritous Foods

Eat delicious - yet nutritious - foods

First and foremost, I encourage you to eat! Yes, food is good. And I'm not talking celery and cardboard for every meal. I'm going to help you break any unhealthy eating patterns and introduce you to healthy foods that actually taste good. I make it easy by ​giving you​ the Get Lean Meal Guide​ and recipes, it will ensure that​ your taste buds ​will ​sing - and spare your waistline. You'll make life-changing habits that you can happily share with your friends and family, too.

Never Count Calories Again

Never count your own calories again.

I don't want to be a stickler, but calorie consumption is important. So instead of asking you to track your calories, the Determinite Program will help guide you on how you place your meals together so you are nutritionally getting the right amount of food your body needs.

You also can use the calorie goal per meal to make smarter, healthier choices throughout the day.

Change it up a bit

Maybe you don't have the right ingredients on hand or maybe you just don't like the sound of what I assigned for you on a particular day...that's OK! With the swap feature, you can easily swap it out for something else.

Choose to swap with menu items from nearby restaurants or with one of your own personally created meals. Best of all, you can quickly swap with an alternative that's within the calorie range of your originally assigned meal.

Change it up a bit

Get inspired by your workout plan

Get inspired by your workout plan

Ever have one of those workouts where after you finish it, you feel like you can take on the world? I strive to make you feel this way after every workout in your program! I want you to feel inspired and keeping pushing yourself forward!

Fortunately, I've taken the time to find the right program for you, so you can skip the trial and error, and get right to the fun part.

Build a history with your plan

It's fun to look back and see where you started, and how far you've come. I love seeing before and after pictures because they're the real deal. So, before beginning the Determinite Program, take a picture with a dated newspaper or magazine. Take pictures along the way so you can physically see the difference. I don't like to rely on the scale too much, but I do love to see the inches go down as your lean body mass increases! My program will have you seeing positive changes and feeling amazing in no time! I, for one, cannot wait to share this journey with you!

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