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The Dayna Deters Fitness Online Training Programs include a variety of tools to help you develop and maintain an active, balanced, body and mind lifestyle. Depending on the program you choose, this may include:

• Unique and fast and fierce functional workouts
• Nutritional education
• One-on-one guidance
• Dayna’s workout and healthy eating tips and secrets
• Cardio and strength workouts
• HIIT workouts
• Yoga
• Stretching videos
• And much more to help you reach your weight-loss or fitness goals

Most importantly, you’ll receive support and inspiration that will empower you to transform yourself from the inside out. This is what leads to lasting success and the life you deserve — and what sets this program apart from other online training programs.

By making the best of your workouts, with a knowledgeable and experienced trainer, you’ll achieve greater results in less time. And with ongoing support, you’re better able to maintain your healthy lifestyle — and your new and improved body.

What do you get as a Dayna Deters Fitness Member?

With more than a decade of personal training experience, Dayna knows what gets the best results. And she knows how to get them in an effective, time-efficient matter. Like many others, she’s a busy mom who wants to spend time with her family, but also wants to keep her mind and body fit and healthy. Sounds tricky, but it’s possible to have the best of both worlds with the help of her online program.

The Dayna Deters Fitness online program provides you with the tools and flexibility you need to succeed. For starters, you’ll receive three new functional weekly workouts or five 30-minute Shredded Bliss Express workouts. All workouts were created so you can do them practically anywhere. No gym? No problem! You can do these workouts at home using free weights or your own body weight. And don’t worry about trying to figure out all the names of the different exercises and how to do them. There will be a video of each exercise to show you exactly how they’re done. You’ll also be provided with nutritional tips and dozens of recipes that correlate with your Get Lean Meal Guide. It’s easy to understand and put into action!

Lastly, you’ll receive an invitation to a private Facebook page where you can depend on accountability and constant support from me and fellow Determinites.

Why should I choose the Dayna Deters Fitness Program?

The Dayna Deters Fitness Online Training Program offers all the expertise and accountability of on-site training with more convenience and affordability. You get to decide where and when you work out, and you are in full control of your program — and success. For the price of a single training session in the gym, you receive a full month of training, accountability, support, and advice from your coach, Dayna.

Will I have to eat lettuce and chicken every day?

The Dayna Deters Fitness online program is not a diet, does not require deprivation, and does not mean giving up everything you love. Dayna has been educated and certified with the Diet Free Life Program, and with proper education, you too will be able to enjoy the foods you love and still make fat-burning meals either at home or when you are out. Dayna also has a Get Lean Meal Guide that you can follow to give you a better understanding of how to put your meals together. Or you can enjoy Dayna’s monthly (updated each month) recipes that will be included in her new cookbook.

Will I be counting calories?

I don’t want to be a stickler, but calorie consumption is important. So instead of asking you to track your calories, the Determinite Program will help guide you on how to put your meals together so you are nutritionally getting the right amount of food your body needs.

You also can use the calorie goal per meal to make smarter, healthier choices throughout the day.

Will I need to purchase supplements?

No. The Dayna Deters Fitness Program does not require you to purchase any supplements or additional products.

What results can I expect from the Dayna Deters Fitness?

The Dayna Deters Fitness Program works for every person who truly dedicates the time and keeps consistent. When following the program, you will gain more energy, reach or maintain a healthy weight, and look and feel strong. Some clients report sleeping better, experiencing fewer aches and pains, thinking more clearly, and having a more positive outlook on life. Dayna provides all the tools you need to succeed, and when you apply them, you’ll achieve more than you ever thought possible.

Will I know what the moves are for each exercise?

Each Determinite workout includes a description or demonstration of modified moves for beginner, intermediate, and advanced fitness levels, which allows you to increase or decrease intensity to adapt the workout to fit your abilities. This means that anyone can do a Determinite workout, regardless of experience or current level of fitness.

What if I have never worked out before?

If you’re starting as a beginner, you’ll begin with the modified moves and depending on the exercise, you may have fewer repetitions or sets. You can take longer periods of rest between moves and may complete them without the use of hand weights. As you build strength, these elements can be adjusted to customize your workout and make sure you’re always being challenged.

What if I’m too busy to work out?

I know what it’s like to be busy. It’s hard to find the time to work out when you have a career. And as a mom and wife, I know it’s even harder trying to manage a family and household. It’s a juggling act and we have to use our time wisely. With all of these challenges in mind, I created a program that’s effective and time efficient. You’ll find you have more time to spend with your family — all while getting the body you want! If your health and fitness are a priority, you will always find time to work out. The Dayna Deters Fitness Program makes it a cinch by ensuring that every full-body workout can be completed in as little as 45 minutes or if you choose the Shredded Bliss Express Program, 30 minutes.

Do I need a gym membership to use this program?

No. The Dayna Deters Fitness Program can be done in the comfort of your own home or at the gym. You can even show your neighbor your new moves if you choose to work out outside.

What equipment do I need for the workouts?

The only equipment required is a set of various dumbbells. (Beginner: 3 lbs., 5 lbs., 8 lbs., 10 lbs. Intermediate: 5 lbs., 8 lbs., 10 lbs., 12 lbs. Advanced: 5 lbs., 8 lbs., 10 lbs., 12 lbs., 15 lbs.)

A set of workout bands. (Beginner: Lighter band for arm and shoulder exercises, light-medium band for chest and back exercises. Intermediate-Advanced: Light-medium band – arms and shoulder exercises, medium band for chest exercises and back exercises)

Note: These are based on the average person at those levels. Try out the bands at the store, if possible and if it feels too tough than go with a step lower in strength. I got mine on Amazon and also purchased the door attachment with a red band (they came together) that I also use for chest and some lighter back exercises. All bands are different from store to store so when in doubt, try them out. This same goes for the dumbbells as well. If you can, try them out at the store. It may look goofy, but who cares, right?! If you have further questions, please message me.

Lastly, an Interval Timer App on your phone or a Gym Boss timer (www.gymboss.com). There is no need to purchase a timer, you can use a clock as well, but it does make things a lot easier.

Where do I sign up?

Click on the Program Page to see details about the four programs available. Select the program that’s right for you, fill out the online form, and you’re on your way to transforming your body and living the life you deserve!

What if I just joined?

Welcome to the Determinite Community! After your sign-up process is complete, you will receive a confirmation email. Log in to your account using the username and password you created to access your program’s features, go to your My Workout Page and click 1-10 Steps to Success. Then you are on the road to start your journey toward a fit, healthy, happy life!

When should I perform my workouts?

Some people prefer to get their workouts done right away in the morning when they may have more energy and time. If you start your day with your workout it will protect you from the excuses that may arise throughout the day for putting off or skipping your workout later on. Ultimately, the best time for your workout is the time that’s most convenient for you. Whatever time of day you choose, make sure you schedule your workout on your calendar like you would any appointment. But this time you are making time for YOU.
Can I do my workouts whenever I want?

Yes. The great thing about having an online personal trainer is that you can schedule the workouts when it best fits your schedule. You are in complete control of when and where you do your Determinite Workouts.

When will I receive my new workouts every month?

Each month you’ll receive 9-10 full body workouts and 17-18 new 30 minute workouts as well as your monthly Determinite workout challenge. The new weekly workouts are always uploaded on the Friday before the new week so you can check out the workouts, watch videos and get motivated to start the week out successful. The changing workout routine will keep your body guessing, all while keeping the workouts fresh, interesting and challenging.

What if I forget my username and password?

If you forget your username or password, go to your login screen and click on “Forgot username or password.” Simply follow the prompts and reset your login information to gain access to your account.

Do I need a Wi-Fi connection to watch the videos for the workout?

No. Using a Wi-Fi signal is typical for indoor exercising, but mobile devices can stream workouts outdoors in any location where a smart phone can access the internet.

Can I log into the Dayna Deters Fitness online program from my phone?
Yes. You can log in to your account from any internet-connected device.

Can I gift the program to someone?

Yes. You can gift memberships, the Gluten-Free Momma Fit Cook, Dayna Deters Fitness apparel, and the Determinite Express DVD Series by going to the Contact Page and scrolling down to Gift, and let us know what you would like to purchase.

How do I contact Dayna Deters with additional questions?

Please email us by using the Contact Page: Contact the Dayna Deters Fitness Team

Is there a Dayna Deters Fitness mobile app?

Dayna Deters Fitness app is now available on mobile, tablet and desktop. The Dayna Deters Fitness app for IOS and Android is available. Click here to get the app: Dayna Deters Fitness App

Subscriptions & Billing Policy

The following information applies to the members that are paying for their Dayna Deters Fitness subscription.

Subscriptions. During the sign-up process, each subscriber agrees to a month-by-month subscription with a 30-day cancellation to end the subscription. 

Billing. Dayna Deters Fitness will bill through PayPal on your monthly subscription price each month, on the approximate anniversary of your sign-up date. Charges will report on your PayPal account from Dayna Deters Determined Fitness.

Renewal and Cancellation. At the conclusion of your subscription, you do not need to enter into a new subscription. You many continue to use our services and we will continue to charge the subscription price to your credit card. Your price will never go up. If you wish to cancel our service, you may do so at any time after your 30-day notice has ended, but not before that time. Upon cancellation, any personal information you have entered into the system, such as goals and progress tracking, will be lost.