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  •   The Determined FIT Pregnancy - $59.95 -  24 Months
  •   Shredded Bliss - $54.95 -  1 Month
  •   Shredded Bliss Express - $54.95 -  1 Month
  •   Athlete Endurance Training Academy - $64.95 -  1 Month
  •   Transformation Challenge - $64.95 -  1 Month

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* All programs with sign up have a 30 day cancellation notice from registration date.
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For purposes of this payment authorization, the term “I” refers to the new member whose name appears above as the primary account holder and whose signature appears below. “You” refers to my financial institution identified above. I authorize you to pay monthly drafts on my behalf to Dayna Deters Determined Fitness (or its designee) in the amount of the registered program checked to purchase, plus any purchases I make and applicable tax beginning on the same date of registration. Member will be billed for the month they start in and continue to bill on the same date of each following monthly billing cycle. All TNT Challenges and programs listed are set with designed monthly programs and will continue monthly until a 30 day notice is delivered. The payments will continue until I submit a written notice of cancellation via email of my membership to as instructed on page 2 of this Agreement. I agree I am bound by the membership payment terms and unpaid account balance due upon cancellation. I agree that you will be fully protected in honoring these drafts and that your treatment of them and rights in respect to them are the same as if personally signed by me. I understand that I must notify of any account changes 5 days prior to my billing cycle which is the same day of the month I registered. Dayna Deters Fitness programs are designed and proven to help you continue you a better healthier life.

Member Obligations. This Agreement is a legally binding obligation for which I am financially responsible. If I have a prepaid promotional membership, I will automatically become a month-to month member after the pre-paid months period and will be billed the then-current monthly membership rate unless I provide notice of cancellation 30 days prior to my last month.

Cancellation. After the member’s right to cancel period noted earlier (if any), I may cancel my membership by emailing written notice to the at least 30 days in advance of the cancellation date. All membership cancellations are effective on the last day of a month. For example, if I deliver notice on June15th, I will pay July membership dues and my membership will terminate on July 15th.