This is a quick 4 exercise, which may sound short to you, but with these 4 exercises, your abs will be annihilated at the end! All you need in a smooth surface (or carpet), towels, or socks (paper plates if you are on carpet). That is it!

This is a core workout with just 4 exercises, but they will work every angle of your abs. Try this workout for days when you are short on time but don’t want to miss your workout, or add it to your existing workout day. I think you will definitely feel like these 4 exercise will work the core hard!

For each of the 4 exercises in this workout, you can choose between doing each once for 60 seconds with 10 seconds of rest 3X for advanced, or 45 seconds for 2X for intermediate or 30 seconds for 2X through the entire set with 10 sec. break in-between all exercises. If you are a total beginner to exercise you might want to try the 25 seconds, 1X and work yourself up! 

Ps. I’m a mom, I have a crying baby in the background and a 5 year old that got in the picture a bit because she didn’t care that I was filming so I left pictures that describe the moves, too! Have fun! 

Quick Weekend At-Home Slider Workout 

1. Push-up + Pike Slide

2. Up Side Down Plank with Leg Sliders
FullSizeRender (42)

3. Side Plank with Front Leg Slide (R Leg) 
4. Side Plank with Front Leg Slide (L Leg) 
Side Plank=Slider

5. Fast Sliding Mountain Climbers
FullSizeRender (45)

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