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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I want to give thanks to you and all the support you have given me in my small business, without you I would not be doing what I have been doing in the last few years. With that being said I’m offering some great additions to my programs for just the weekend… Read more »

Traveling For A Race

YAY!  You are going on vacation!  Well, sort of… If you are anything like me, every vacation involves some sort of running adventure!  I have both traveled for Boston Marathon and to run the Grand Canyon from the south rim, to the north rim, and back to the south rim in one day!    They both… Read more »

Thanksgiving Fit Tips

Just because this is a fitness and health blog, it doesn’t mean that I still don’t enjoy Thanksgiving dinner any less than the average eater. It’s almost impossible to resist a warm slice of apple pie or pumpkin pir to go along with that gravy-topped turkey. But I think we can all agree that post-meal,… Read more »