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Audrey T.

I have always been active and exercise has always been an important part of my life, but I had fallen into a slump. I had been doing the same elliptical routine or home DVD sequence year after year after year. Instead of seeing results like I had when I was younger, I was now noticing my body declining. I was gaining weight, losing muscle and feeling incredibly negative about myself. I needed to change it up. I tried a few different programs bought more DVDs, but nothing pushed me further or challenged me. I was still stuck in an exercise rut. Then I was introduced to Dayna’s outstanding online program. I’ll admit, I was skeptical and scared. I was skeptical because nothing else was working, so I didn’t know if her program would beat the others. I was scared because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to do her workouts IF they were as challenging as I had heard. After a while, I decided to give it a go, and am I glad I did! Dayna’s program proved to not only produce results, but was also accessible for me! Before this program, I had rarely ever felt sore after a workout. After the first week of Dayna’s program, however, my body was certainly feeling the challenge-and LOVING it! I had finally found a program that challenged me each and every day and didn’t let me settle into a slump. I have not once been bored yet. On top of the challenge, Dayna makes it possible for you to workout in any location: home, gym, hotel room, ANYWHERE. There are no excuses with this program; you can workout anywhere. Moreover, Dayna’s workouts are challenging, but accessible. I’m not athletic by any means, but I am capable of accomplishing what she has created. When I do her workouts, I sweat and burn and absolutely LOVE it. I finish each workout feeling strong, confident, and proud. I can tell I am a lot stronger and have built up much needed muscle. I am seeing toned muscles develop and can feel my confidence grow. I highly recommend Dayna’s Determinite Online Program. Without Dayna, I would still be in my exercise slump feeling negative about myself.