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Brittina Seaborg

I’ve known Dayna since college and I trust her completely. I believe in her because she walks the walk, is passionate and very knowledgeable. My fitness goals, to begin with, were to tone and gain lean muscle. I also wanted to vary my workouts and learn how to get the most out of my time when I was there. Some of my other obstacles were food, social events and my busy schedule. Having Dayna around helped with my commitment to my body. I love working out!

As a result, Dayna’s helped me lose body fat, gain lean body mass, stay grounded, increased my endurance level and increased my happiness. I also have more confidence working out and know what to do on my own at the gym. Having Dayna as my trainer keeps my workouts varied and my endurance for life and preparedness.

Since training with Dayna since 2007, I feel good about my body when I look in the mirror. She’s not only helped meĀ  to maintain the lifestyle I preach, but she made me love my body again!