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Julie Behrmann

Before starting with Dayna, I had gotten into some bad habits and was sick of feeling tired and bad about myself. I was ready to change my lifestyle for myself and my family! My main fitness goal was and still is, to get toned and lose the extra pounds. Another goal was to have endurance again in my workouts.

My main obstacle was food. Dayna has taught me so many things but what she has taught me about food has changed my life. I had no idea how much food plays a part in how your body looks and feels. In the past, I would work out but still eat poorly. I have embraced the clean eating as much as I can! Another obstacle was finding time to workout with a full time job, 2 kids and a house to maintain. Dayna has taught me to schedule my workouts in appointments, and to incorporate my children in my workouts as well.

I’ve been training for the last 4 months and I’ve lost weight, inches and have increased energy! I have gained muscle all over my body– feel stronger and I feel amazing! I remember my first day training with Dayna and feeling nauseated the whole session and now my endurance is so much better. I’ve gotten stronger and I am so much happier!!!

Since starting with Dayna, if I ever have a question or I am feeling discouraged I will text her and I know she will make me feel more at ease. Dayna also makes sure to change things up with the workouts and shows me new ways to have fun with my workouts. She pushes me to do better and I am now a happier person. I have energy to run around with my kids. Teaching myself, my husband and my kids how to eat well has been life-changing for all of us! I get excited to work out because I know what the results will be. I’m a happier mom and wife, and I just want to keep moving forward and keep making goals for myself!