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Lindsey Monroe

Before starting personal training with Dayna in June 2012, I wasn’t fitting into any of my clothes and didn’t have the energy that I wanted to have. Also, knowing that I would be spending time at our family cabin, I wanted to look good in a swimsuit and not feel ashamed of my body. I knew I needed to get healthy so I set a few goals. I wanted to lose the 20 lbs. that I had gained during the previous year. And I wanted to become stronger, create a more-defined muscle tone, and regain my self confidence and self esteem.

In the past, my main obstacles that kept me from taking care of myself were like many people’s struggles — finding the time and motivation to get to the gym and efficiently using my time to get the most out of my workouts. I struggled a lot with what to eat, how much to eat, and at what time. I’m not a great cook and that made things even more difficult when trying to find healthy, good-tasting recipes. I love anything sweet, so I had very little self control when it came to eating desserts.

Since training with Dayna, I’m proud to say that I’m down 24 lbs., 17 overall inches and 4 percent body fat in less than 5 months. A few months ago, I began fitting into the jeans and shirts that hadn’t fit in a long time. I feel less lazy and more motivated, and much better about swimsuit season.

Dayna keeps me accountable for eating healthy and getting my workouts in. She has helped me not only lose the weight and be healthy for a few months, but has helped me make a life change of eating healthy and exercising. She always has a great workout planned and gives ideas for workouts for the remainder of the week. Dayna also always has numerous recipes that are healthy and taste great, which has been a lifesaver!

Now I actually enjoy my time at the gym with great tunes, podcasts and different cardio workouts that are fun. I also feel more confident and have better self esteem. I no longer want to cover up with big clothes and have found clothes that fit, look nice and I feel good in.