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Michele Nelson

I have been training with Dayna for the last 6 months, and in that time, she has taught me better eating habits, which include Isagenix® protein shakes, and how to get workouts in with my busy schedule. I started training with Dayna because I was sick of feeling weighed down. I didn’t know enough about nutrition to be able to tell why I was feeling so bloated, tired, sluggish all the time. I also didn’t know enough about weight training to do any of that on my own.

My main reason for joining Dayna was to get more knowledge about eating clean and how to get more effective workouts in a short amount of time. A secondary goal was losing weight. The biggest obstacle I have is being a busy mom of two and a full-time teacher. I always felt guilty about taking, what I perceived to be as selfish time, to workout.

Since starting with Dayna, I feel awesome!! I feel better about myself because I’m working out smarter and more often. I also feel better because I’m watching what I eat more closely. I definitely have more energy to play with my children. I’m happy that Dayna is there to hold me accountable and to motivate me when I’m having a rough time. I get so down on myself for a thousand different reasons (mom guilt, a bad day of eating, gaining a pound), but working with Dayna helps me remember that this healthier “me” journey isn’t just for a few months, it’s for a lifetime and I need to focus on the bigger picture. I love the fact that I have more energy, and I feel WAY healthier. It doesn’t hurt that my pants feel a little loose as well!