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Meet Your Trainer

Dayna Deters dayna cut out

I started running when I was in high school for leisure. I was stopped by a couple of college recruiters while running to see if I would join their team, but I wasn’t interested because I loved running just for fun – not for competing. I started running more when I got into college, since it was an escape from real life and helped me deal with the stress of school, life, and homework. But once I got hooked on running, I eventually got too hooked, and my effort to become healthier turned into an unhealthy obsession with calorie-counting and over-exercising. Through this journey, I knew I needed some extra help from family and friends and also a hospital in Minneapolis, MN. Thankfully, I was able to get through that dark period relatively unscathed, and turned my obsession into a passion for learning how to fuel my body for optimum performance and health.

Since then, running has been a huge part of my life, and continues to serve as a stress-reliever and source of pleasure for me. While I’m certainly not winning any races at the top of my age group, I have ran 15 half marathons, and a couple triathlons, 10 milers, and many 10 and 5Ks. 

I have learned through the process of making big leaps in my races that I must have a balance with my running (which takes place about 3 days/week) with alternating days of strength training (3 days a week) and yoga. It definitely helps with recovery, quicker times on race days, and most importantly, not getting injured like I was once prone to do when I was just running. I love the balance that this program provides and I now love working out. I especially love the way it makes me feel during and afterward!

Why We Created This Program for You! 

We started the Athlete Endurance Training Academy as a way to connect with like-minded women athletes from all over the world and find out how they keep motivated, how they overcome challenges, and what things they’ve learned along the way so we can help others with their fitness journey.  

We will be blogging about different athletes’ fitness journey, things that inspire us, and tips & tricks that help us during our training. I hope you enjoy reading and watching!

What are the details of the Athlete Endurance Training Academy?

Each member receives their own personalized training program as well as help with their muscle imbalances, guidance on when and how to taper, tools to help them recover faster, and a customized meal guide that will ensure that they are receiving the essential nutrients needed to make it through long, intense workouts and to aid in recovery. We also include information on how to make sure you’re giving yourself enough time to recover. So by the time the next race rolls around, you’ll be amazed at the noticeable difference in both your time and strength.

Here’s a more specific breakdown of what you’ll receive with the Athlete Endurance Training Academy:

  1. 1. A complete goal and health history report to customize this plan around you.
  2. 2. New training plans that are sent to you monthly, which may include running, cycling, swimming or cross-training (depending on your athletic event).
  3. 3. Access to Coach Dayna and Coach Marey’s email for support and/or questions.
  4. 4. Nutritional tips that will help push your body to the next level.
  5. 5. Two different meal guides, including recipes and grocery lists to get you through your training stress-free.
  6. 6. Three to five weekly customized strength training workouts with videos that correlate with your weekly training program.
  7. 7. Weekly journal check-ins with your trainer.
  8. 8. Tips to make your recovery days easier on your body.
  9. 9. Extra support and motivation from other Determinite athletes in the Athletic Endurance Academy on Facebook (you will receive an invite).
  10. 10. One 15- to 30-minute coach call to go over the program and how to get started.


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