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74% of everyday Americans want - but can't afford
- a personal trainer to help them lose weight.
Determinte Member Rachel B. Weight Lost 25 Pounds.

Packages that fit YOU!

  • Shredded Bliss: $54.95
  • Baby Get Back: $54.95
  • Athlete Endurance Training: $54.95
  • TNT Transformation Contest: $64.95

Dayna will be your personal trainer -

It's likely you'll have questions and temptation surrounding you on a daily basis. This is where Dayna makes the difference. Dayna will be there for you, whether you have questions you think no one will have or a real-life situation you're not sure you can make healthier. It's not an appointment relationship (like at a gym), it's a continual relationship.

A meal plan that FITS YOUR LIFE.
Not a one size fits all plan.

You CAN keep eating what you love, it's all about balance. ​You will receive the Get Lean Meal Guide that works best with your busy lifestyle and allow you to still enjoy the foods you love. ​You will also enjoy many past and brand new recipes that will correlate with your Get Lean Meal Plan Guide, which will help you feel satisfied and excited about with your meals.

A Fitness Plan That's PERSONAL and PRACTICAL.

This plan is built by Dayna based on your lifestyle and includes exercises and equipment you already have around you. Whether a staircase, ottoman or a garage, Dayna will make it work for you. Plus, hand-picked videos with step-by-step instructions are available.


As a DETERMINITE you will have access to a wide variety of tools to encourage and measure your success.

A fitness plan that evolves with your day


We want to make things easy, so we have the Get Lean Meal Plan which includes food lists, a food pairing calendar, new monthly recipes that correlates with your meal guide, and helpful tips to educate you on proper nutrition.

Daily Guidance
From Your Trainer

Receive your daily dose of morning motivation and guidance from Dayna - delivered straight to your inbox. Whether it's a tip or advice about your mind or body, be sure to check daily to keep your momentum and spirits high!

We Believe in
Customized Workouts

If you've been working out for awhile and are looking for a challenge, this program is for you. And if you're a beginner, no biggie! We'll meet you where you're at and help you make the changes you want to see become a reality.

Tools to Guide
You Along

Your program includes a workout calendar that will guide you through each week's workouts. With continual mobile and online access to workouts, recipes and more, you're equipped with the flexibility and convenience to do your workouts and stay on track from anywhere! This means you can get to work and see results faster.


For less than $2.00 a day, you'll have a personal trainer for entire month.

Social Media

More support equals more success. We take that proven approach and add the Internet.