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Ellie LeBlanc

I’ve always been a fairly active person and ate healthy for the most part. My body fluctuates like everyone’s, depending on the week. But what I had been missing and craving was definition, toning….muscles! After completing the DDF 90 day transformation, I have never been happier with my body. The 90 days has been an evolution of mind and body.

At first, the workouts seemed insurmountable. I laid, many a workout, sweaty and exhausted on the floor. But, I picked myself up and pushed through. Slowly, my body got stronger. My energy levels soared. The amazing thing to me is that I have not stepped into a gym in 90 days. I don’t waste 15 minutes driving to the gym and 15 minutes back. Every workout has been done either in my house or in an empty office at work. It’s perfect.

Sure, Dairy Queen still waved at me every time I drove by, but I limited myself to only an occasional treat on Saturdays and ate “clean” during the week. It started to not even bother me as much watching co-workers devour a pan of brownies on food day. When I started to see results, I didn’t want to sabotage all that with eating junk. Dayna’s nutritional guide and delicious recipes make clean eating enjoyable. You don’t feel like you are punishing yourself, but instead, rewarding yourself.

After the 90 days, the workouts are still challenging and the nutrition still takes good planning and discipline. But it feels good to see results and even feels good to sweat. Nothing seems insurmountable now and I know that I can achieve my fitness goals. I look forward to seeing what each new workout will bring.

Yesterday I ordered a new swimsuit to reward myself. I’m super excited to receive it and try it on. I love that I’m this excited about it. DDF has helped me take my goals “to the next level”.  Dayna Deters Fitness has been an exciting adventure that has taught me what I’m capable of–and that is exhilarating!