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Better, Stronger, EMPOWER…I’m Alive.

This past week my family had received some unfortunate news about one of family members–some may know if you are on my Facebook but if not–my cousin’s child was diagnosed with B-All Leukemia.  It was literally hard for me to even give my cousin a call all week because I needed to be strong and positive for them. Usually positive is my thing–I… Read more »

Tune-in Tuesday-YEAH!

I’m excited that the Voice is back on. I love the new judges…Usher is my fav! Who doesn’t like Usher?! This is one of my favorite songs–it makes me stand up, start dancing and put a smile on my face. Isn’t it great music can do that? I think I will replay this and try… Read more »

Are you ready to ROCK your workouts?!

I just found this great app for my iPhone called RockMyRun. This is what I found off the site that explains what this app is all about. “This app provides GREAT running music for active people. Specifically, RockMyRun provides running mixes, designed by popular, professional DJ’s that will increase the enjoyment and performance of a person’s workout… Read more »

Tune In Tuesday–Sweet Nothings

Here is another song to add to your playlist this week, I ran to it yesterday and it made the time go way faster! Florence Welch sounds like another lovely lady Annie Lennox?! Right…I had to add another video just to show the similarities between the two ladies. CRAZY. Let me sing “Walking on Broken Glass”… Read more »

Tune-in-Tuesday with this Ditty

Paperboy Ditty that is. Yes, this is one of my tunes–as my husband would say. I love throwback whatever days–some like to throw back picture days. I will not throwback my youth, because some of those pictures (well…most) are scary–I like the music throwback. I tried downloading this song on iTunes–but it is no where… Read more »

Pump Up Hitts

If you don’t already know I LOVE Pitbull! Every song he has–he makes me want to get off my chair, treadmill, or any where for that matter and start dropping it like it’s hot and shake what my mother gave me. I had to look really close to find the right video, because the real… Read more »

Tune in Tuesday-Happy Valentines Day

Yes, this is my absolute favorite YouTube video…EVER. I have watched it over and over again and still need tissues every time! This makes me want to get proposed all over again. Oh, hunny dear??! I guess you can say I’m a bit of a romantic and I would definitely love to share the happiness like these friends and… Read more »

Tune in Tuesday’s with this HIT!

I have decided that Tuesday’s blog will be called Tune in Tuesday’s. I’m a music lover… it is something that transforms my mood, situations or my emotions. So every Tuesday will be a new song  or playlist of songs that I like to work-out to. I have to be very grateful that I was born… Read more »