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What is your purpose?

I have many wants in my life–I want to do so many things that it may seem silly to most. I will get comments from others on maybe I should slow down, just relax and let things happen. Well…that’s personally not me…never was. I’m a dreamer a person that thinks that if I work hard… Read more »

Don’t Give Up

How often do we start moving in one direction, face opposition and then quit? You had a great idea, you had tremendous passion, but once the real work came, you wore yourself out! It happens all the time to even the strongest willed people. They give up right before the good stuff is about to… Read more »

You Can Do It

Motivation doesn’t last forever.  That’s when you make the commitment of staying true to your routine of workouts and nutrition–make them become your MOST important health regimen. Life, work, family, and school…all of these things will test you in life. But make YOU and YOUR health a priority! YOU CAN DO IT!!  Take some time every Sunday or Monday and prep for the… Read more »

Missed-Monday Motivation

I had been needing some motivation this week, super swamped with work but still trying to get everything in. Workouts, eating well, family time, and being a good business owner. So as I was working out this morning I got on YouTube and found some motivation. This  video made me feel motivated, refreshed and ready to conquer my day…. Read more »

Motivation Monday-Vision Board

I have said this many times before that I love the book The Secret. Some of the reasons I enjoy the book are the positive affirmations, the how-to’s to better yourself and get what you want in life. Vision boards are a huge part of this book and decided a couple years ago I would… Read more »

Start Your Monday Positive

Follow your heart and intuition. Don’t be pushed by your problems. People all over the place have them. Lead by your dreams.  Live the life you want to live.  Be the person you want to remember years from now.  Make decisions and act on them. Make mistakes, fall and try again.  Even if you fall… Read more »