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One of My FAVORITE Fitness Tools

One of my favorite fitness tools in my studio and for my online training program is the BOX. It is no ordinary box, it’s built sturdy and will not move–well unless you move it. I know that the box is used for BOX JUMPS, but I have used it in many different ways in my… Read more »

Spring Cleaning and Sales on Apparel

I’m Spring cleaning and cutting prices so I can have more room in my studio. I have 5 shirts and 2 tanks available will selected sizes that are available (listed below). These shirt are soft and will perfectly fit your body while you get your sweaty workout in. I have had these shirts for a… Read more »

Get Egg-cited About Easter

Easter is almost here, and for some of us, that means a big brunch followed by getting “hopped” (get it, hopped up)  on candy — who can resist the big chocolate bunny and marshmallow Peeps? While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a few Easter treats, weighing your basket down with chocolate, caramel eggs, and jelly… Read more »

Dropping it like a DETOX

I’m going to get real here, I like food. I’m a foodie, I like cooking food and I like to eat it. So when my husband announced, “Let’s do a cleanse!” I was like, “Go ahead, have fun with that.” I have done my share of cleanses/detoxes and I always felt shaky, moody, light-headed and… Read more »


It has been a couple weeks that I had launched the NEW Shredded Bliss Express Program. I wanted a couple weeks for my current members to give feedback on the program before taking it live–AND they are LOVING IT! Since The Shredded Bliss Express program is included with all current programs–people have choices of the… Read more »

Kids Fit Advice for Nutrition and Exercise

One most crucial thing you can do as a parent is to lead by example, by setting a good example of proper working out and nutritious eating. If they see you not eating veggies, most likely they will not either and they will grow up not wanting it. I think if I want my kid… Read more »

Food Allergies and Intolerance and Weight-Loss

Do you feel bloated, fatigued, congested, and less energetic? Do you also have digestive issues, tummy rumbling, stomach pain, and painful joints? Well, listen up because I’m talking about food allergies and intolerances and how they can hinder your weight-loss goals. I deal with my own food allergies on a daily basis.  I have celiac… Read more »

The Sugar Addiction Cycle

My topic on my regular guest spot on WJON a couple weeks back was on sugar addiction. I have a lot of new clients that have started up this month and one thing that can be tough is eliminating sugar in their daily lives. Eliminating sugar can be a challenge, especially with the addictive properties… Read more »

Emotional Hunger

Think about this question first – Can you imagine what life would be like if we loved ourselves as much as we love our food? Some may think that is silly, but to some this is a normal feeling. I have been working with my clients to improve our self-esteem and self-worth so we can… Read more »

New Dayna Deters Fitness Apparel Available!

Get it while it’s HOT, or cold since I live in Minnesota. LOL! These shirt are soft and will perfectly fit your body while you get your sweaty workout in. I have had these shirts for a year now and they have not shrunk or peeled. So I think it is time to let others… Read more »