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Momma Fit Podcast #24: The Non Scale Victories

Every week, I will bring you a new Momma Fit episode. It will cover fitness, #momlife, and/or running a successful business. It will be full of information or useless junk you may wish you never knew! Ha! Just kidding, you never know what you may discover. Happy Listening!  Today’s episode is on, the non-scale victories. … Read more »

Kettle Bell “POP” Challenge

Kettle bells are all bells, no whistles. This workout is great for cardio and strength. No harm in starting low and working your way up-I want you to make sure you get your form right! This workout will give you the intensity for all fitness levels, for all moves, I recommend aiming for 2X sets with good form. If… Read more »

Determined News Video Blog-Mommy Guilt

I had mentioned on my Facebook page this past week, that I was going to be doing my next video blog on the guilt that us mommies feel when we trying to take care of ourselves. Whether it is working, working-out or just taking a little break from your children. I discuss that it happen to most women and… Read more »