Momma Fit Podcast Episode #12: 5 Ways To Be More Consistent


When it comes to honoring anything in your life consistency is key.

And it’s one simple secrets to success, and I find many of my clients—and many of you—struggle with. Old habits die hard and when stress gets high or we out of our scheduled we revert to the familiar. This is why it is imperative that you stay mindful of your end goal (new healthier behavior) and don’t get lulled back to sleep (past habitual behavior).

Remember; change takes time and diligence. What often happens is that we fail to give ourselves the time and space that is necessary to create new habits that result in lasting change.

Many of my clients also find that the more changes they want to make, the harder it is to keep them. So, how can you make commitments and consistently honor them to create lasting change? Listen to today’s episode to get some helpful tips on keeping yourself consistent and finally conquer your goals!

What you will learn from this episode:
1. How to take your power back and finally conquer your goals.
2. Take control of your schedule and do what needs to be done.
3. How to keep your eye on your why.
4. How to create the dream and believe in your action.

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