1st Day of the 12 Day of #FITMAS is HERE!

’Tis the season for emphasizing quick, functional workouts with the busy holiday festivities. This time of year, we’re also flooded with (lame) articles about how many miles you need to jog to “run off those holiday treats.” Let’s be real, people mostly love the holidays because of the food!

But I did want to give you a friendly reminder that you don’t need to “exercise away” any of the holiday treats and it doesn’t really work like that anyway.

It’s not like you get on the treadmill and a box of fudge magically disappears. I wish, right?! I like a grand scheme of things approach: sticking to a routine over the long haul so you aren’t too behind when it comes to the 1st of the year.

So today, I bring you the 12 Days of #FITMAS until Christmas! Every day you will get a a quick workout that you can do anywhere!

Some workouts may need a set of dumbbells, a chair, maybe a Kettlebell (you can still use a DB, if you don’t have a Kettlebell)!

Run through the circuit at least once and, if you’re feeling fancy, you can complete it up to 3 times. As always, check with a doctor before making any fitness changes. Honor your body and modify as needed, and OH I FORGOT, you can win PRIZES. So Stay tuned, everyday!

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