Momma Fit Poscast Episode #20: How To Train the Right Way For a 5K


When discussing running, one common question I get is “How do you become a runner?”

For one, there is no one size fits all runner, you don’t have to have a fast pace to be a runner. If you put the work in and push yourself on a regular basis that is considered harder than your normal walking pace, than you are considered a runner. And don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise.

Here are some Pre-Runner Tips, that you will learn from this episode:
1. Make Sure Your Body Is Ready
2. How To Consider Yourself a Runner
3. How To Find the Shoes that Work For You
4. Finding the Right Surface For You, and Race That Fits Your Wants.

Most of all, do it for FUN and maybe bring a buddy with you!

More great information, here: How to Make Running Easier

Listen to today’s episode, brought to you by the Athlete Endurance Training Academy: 

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